Nanyuki is one of the best travel destinations in Kenya. It is an alternative quick road trip from Nairobi that is not Naivasha or Kajiado. Also, there are plenty of activities to do, different ways to get there, and several accommodation options to choose from. You can drive, take a train, or even fly to Nanyuki. Not too far from Nanyuki, lies her not so small sister – Narumoru. Narumoru town is about 21km from Nanyuki town making it a great stop over for exploration. Its proximity to Mt. Kenya has made it a popular tourist destination and the town is rapidly growing.

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Recently, my friends and I visited the place and our experience was nothing short of electrifying. We left Nairobi at around 11am and drove down slowly making stopovers to do some shopping. We finally arrived at our destination at around 2pm ready for lunch and some catching up.

The ForRest Airbnb

Our accommodation option for the weekend in Narumoru was an A-Frame cabin nested at the foothill of Mt. Kenya known as The ForRest. As the name suggests, the house is basically for resting. It is the place you come when you want to rest and unwind from your normal life. The cabin is a sustainable, bespoke, family friendly four-bedroom villa that can comfortably fit eight people.

The ForRest Airbnb, Narumoru
The ForRest Airbnb, Narumoru

They charge Kshs. 30,000 per night. That is basically Kshs. 3,750 per person sharing per night. Two bedrooms are on the ground floor with a common bathroom and toilet. The other two all en-suite rooms are on the top floor. The master bedroom upstairs has a beautiful balcony which is perfect for sundowners and a catch up session while listening to the chirping birds in the neighboring forest. The master also comes with a large king size bed, storage area and a bathtub which was my favourite part of it.

The house is fully equipped with all amenities including a microwave, fridge, cooker, coffee maker, smart-television and comfy seats. It also comes with a chef and a cleaner who ensure all your meals are prepared to your liking and the house is always kept clean. They welcomed us really well and ensured we had all that we needed during our stay. The next morning, we started with a walk in the forest through the river all the way to the mau mau caves which was a good experience to learn about the history of Kenya.

The ForRest Airbnb, Narumoru
Sitting room area

Misty Mountain Lodge

In the afternoon we drove to Misty Mountain Lodge for lunch and a breather which turned out to be a very good adventure for us. Some people decided to swim while others played pool and then we all finished up with a guided walk to a waterfall behind the hotel. We sat at the edge of the hotel to watch the sun set and it was a beautiful scene. The hotel has such an expansive land whereby they farm some of their ingredients and fruits, and even have a Maze!! It was such a wonderful experience to visit the hotel and their food was very tasty.

Misty Mountain Lodge
Swimming pool at Misty Mountain Lodge

It is a family friendly hotel with activities for kids including horse riding and the rooms are very spacious. They also have apartments for guests who would prefer such an arrangement. The service was great too. As there were not so many guests in the hotel, we had so much fun to the extent of even choosing the kind of music they were playing. I would definitely give them another visit soon.

Our day three was check out day, so we basically had our brunch in the house and then started our drive back to Nairobi. Narumoru is a true hidden gem for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. If you are looking to explore it, feel free to reach out for contacts and recommendations.

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