It’s been a minute since I plugged you into affordable weekend getaways to visit in Nairobi. The last time I wrote about my top 25 affordable restaurants in Nairobi and the response was remarkable. I recently came across an Instagram post regarding this beautiful country club known as Small World Country Club in Athi River nested between the Lukenya Hills with amazing views over the Kapiti plains.

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How to get there

Just an hour away from Nairobi CBD on the Nairobi Mombasa highway, the place is easily accessible by both public and private transport. There is a huge black and white signpost on the road making it easy to spot.

Affordable weekend getaway at Small World Country Club

From the wooden barrier at the entrance, we didn’t expect too much from this place. But we were very wrong! It was the typical don’t judge the book by its cover moment. The Swahili-inspired getaway is a hidden gem.


As we were checking in, we got a complimentary glass of fresh juice and sat by the colorful seats at the entrance.

Affordable weekend getaway at Small World Country Club

I tend to physically view all sample room types in a hotel before I settle on one. This helps in getting the best rooms for the best rates. We started by viewing the cottages which are at the far end of the compound. They were basic with a bed, a mini fridge, a toilet, and a bathroom plus a small table with two seats with Masai-inspired covers. We were not impressed and so we continued with the tour to see the deluxe and executive rooms.

We took a two-minute walk and what was astonishing!! It didn’t seem as if we were in the same place anymore. The bright white building hosting 30 rooms was remarkable. The architecture is borrowed from the Swahili culture giving the place a coastal vibe. Even the breeze had changed. The building has Swahili decor and bright lights by the staircases and the available rooms were on the first floor.

Affordable weekend getaway at Small World Country Club

The rooms

Each room has a unique Swahili/kanga theme and the interior especially in the washrooms differs. The deluxe room comes with a comfy king-size double bed, a working area, flat screen television, minibar, electric kettle, refrigerator, double sink bathroom, and shower.

Affordable weekend getaway at Small World Country Club
Deluxe room at Small World Country Club

We settled for the deluxe rooms and paid a total of Kshs. 9, 800 per room for two nights. It was such a great deal and the booking came with a free buffet breakfast. This is because they had an offer to book one night and get an extra one for free. On normal days, they would have charged Kshs. 9,800 per night per room but this also depends on the season and how busy the hotel is. 

Affordable weekend getaway at Small World Country Club
The offer from Small World Country Club

After settling in and taking a shower, we went to their shared restaurant for dinner which had an amazing candle-lit setup. Their menu is relatively priced and the meals were delicious and fresh with great service from the staff. When we were not enjoying the bonfire outside the restaurant, we made use of the lounge which also serves as their main bar as we played board games, pool table, and Foosball.  

The next day, we enjoyed our all-you-can-eat buffet breakfast before heading out to spend our day at the swimming pool. My favorite part of the swimming pool was the swinging bed where we spent most of our time as the pool was very cold though we still enjoyed the swimming. By noon, the place was getting quite busy as more walk-in guests streamed in for lunch and swimming which they charge Ksh.500 per adult if you are not an in-house guest. 

Affordable weekend getaway at Small World Country Club

Other amenities

The swimming pool area is most preferred because it has its mini-bar and meals can be served there too. There are other sitting areas by the backyard big enough to host a large dinner or lunch or even a picnic setup.

Another extra feature I loved was the colorful rooftop pallet lounge perfect for sun downers and watching the sunset behind the Kapiti plains.

For kids, there is a fully equipped playground and a baby pool on site. Here are tips on what to carry when travelling with kids.

Affordable weekend getaway at Small World Country Club
Playground at Small World Country Club

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We enjoyed our two night’s stay at the Small World Country club and I would highly recommend it for an affordable weekend getaway in Nairobi. The facility is breathtaking and affordable, you get value for money, the service is amazing with friendly staff, and you get a Swahili experience without going all the way to the Kenyan coast.

They usually post their offers on their Instagram page, so follow them and be on the lookout! If you would like to drive further to Amboseli National Park, check out Little Amanya Camp for the best and most unique accommodation options.