My love for movies is unmatched! Especially a good 3D action or thriller one. The good thing about Nairobi is that it has everything you can think of when it comes to entertainment. There are numerous movie theatres spread out within Nairobi where you can catch the action. Below is a list of affordable movie theatres you can try out in Nairobi.

Affordable movie theatres in Nairobi

Anga Cinemas – Panari and Imax CBD

Imax CBD is back with a seating capacity of 255 seats. It is the only movie theatre within Nairobi CBD. It is a great spot for anyone who doesn’t want to move far away from town. However, I love the cinema at Panari Sky Centre since it is normally less crowded. I visit at least twice a month for my Monday solo dates. A movie ticket on Monday costs Kshs. 400 regardless if it is a 2D or 3D. It is such a great offer and the theatres are not crowded at all especially on weekdays.

Century Imax at Garden City Mall

Thika road and its environs has Garden City Mall for the movie lovers. It being located in a mall, means there are tones of other things to do as you wait for your movie to start. Their rates start from Kshs. 550 per movie ticket. Check them out on their social media pages for bookings.

Nyumba cinema

This is Nairobi’s cutest, comfiest, coolest, luxurious, and private movie theater located on the 3rd floor of Rosslyn Riviera Mall on Limuru Road. It is an entire theatre for you and your exclusive group of family or friends whereby you get to choose what you prefer to watch. The theatre can only accommodate 15 people at a time and is exclusively booked to one person or group at a time. The charges are per the entire theatre and not per person. They range from 2,500 to 4,000 per hour depending on the day and time. See the below chart.

Affordable movie theatres in Nairobi

West Gate Cinema

Another amazing cinema location in Nairobi is Westgate Cinemas at West Gate Mall, Westlands. They also have a VIP cinema section with 33 recliner seats. It is also a nice spot for bowling.

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Affordable movie theatres in Nairobi

Prestige Cinema

Located on the 2nd floor of prestige plaza on Ngong road, Prestige Cinemas prides itself as Kenya’s most preferred movie theatre – Home of blockbusters. It has two movie theatres and their prices start from Kshs. 600. Try burgers from the Urban Burger branch here.

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Diamond plaza – Parklands

Diamond plaza on Fourth Avenue Parklands has the same offer as Panari Sky centre on Mondays whereby you get to watch all movies for Kshs. 400 anytime of the day or get a Combo Ticket with Popcorn and Soda at Ksh 700.

Century Cinemax – Junction and Sarit Centre

Century Cinemax – A cinema chain in kenya with locations at Junction Mall – Ngong road, Garden City – Thika road and Sarit Centre in Westlands. They describe themselves as a place for film, food, and a view. They have a theatre film where they screen different films every month. It holds at most 30 people, so you’ll enjoy it if you do not like the fully packed traditional theatres.

Unseen Nairobi

Unseen Nairobi is a place for film, food, and a view. It is located They have a theatre film where they screen different films every month. It holds at most 30 people, so you’ll enjoy it if you do not like the fully packed traditional theatres. The rates start from Kshs. 500.

Two Rivers Mall

The newest entrant to the market is the recently opened two rivers movie cinema on Limuru road. In partnership with Century Cinemax, the complex boasts the biggest cinema screen in the region measuring 19.5 meters in width and 8.7 meters in height, and will include Dolby Atmos 4K screen and sound system. The auditorium is furnished with premium, extra wide, high back rocking chairs for the ultimate comfort of moviegoers. Movie tickets range from Kshs. 800.

Affordable movie theatres in Nairobi
Seats at Nyumba Cinema

The above will help you out the next time you are planning to go watch a movie in the cinemas.