When you don’t live near the beach or have a swimming pool in your backyard, you will have to look for solutions on where to find a clean, accessible and affordable swimming pool. Swimming is a good way of relieving stress and also a fun way to exercise. Below is a comprehensive list of where to find the best and affordable swimming pools in Nairobi including their prices.

Heated swimming Pools

Royal Tulip Canaan Nairobi

The hotel is located in Kilimani just a few meters from Yaya centre. If you are coming from town, just take a matatu from Kencom, alight at Chaka place and then just walk into the hotel. Access to their heated pool plus lunch will cost you just Kshs 1,200 per child and Kshs 1,880 for adults. It is such a great deal for the amazing facility they have.

Royal Tulip Canaan

Panari Hotel

Located on Mombasa road just a few kilometers from JKIA, Panari Hotel has an indoor heated swimming pool. The pool is accessible to the public at Kshs. 1,200 per person with extra access to the steam and sauna.

Hillpark Hotel

Hillpark hotel is located in upper hill, near Nyayo Stadium just a few minutes from Nairobi CBD. This four star hotel has several components which include restaurant & bar, 80 hotel suites and rooms, High Point Apartments, Conference facilities and the Hillpark Health & Fitness Center. They also have a heated swimming pool which goes for Kshs. 500.

Hilton Hotel

At the heart of Nairobi CBD, Hilton hotel has a swimming pool open to the public for Kshs. 1,500 per adult and Kshs. 800 per child.

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Fairmont Norfolk Hotel

This is one of the oldest hotels in Nairobi but that does not mean that the hotel is worn out. It is well maintained and they allow the public to access their swimming pool at ksh1,800 per adult and Kshs 800 per child.

Villa Rosa Kempinski

For Ksh 2,500, you can access the heated swimming pool at the hotel with extra access to their steam and sauna which is totally worth every penny. Their service is top-notch and the panoramic view of the city is totally worth it.

Sarabi at Sankara

One of the prettiest swimming pools in Westlands. It is located on the rooftop with an amazing view of Nairobi. Swimming costs 2,500 per person per day.

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Kenya Comfort Hotel Suites

Hidden away at Milimani, Kenya Comfort Hotel suites has a heated swimming pool open to the public at Kshs. 1,000 per adult and Kshs. 600 per child. It is one of the less crowded swimming pools as not so many people know about it. Do not confuse it with the Kenya Comfort Hotel that is located in the Nairobi CBD.

Heron Portico Hotel

Also in Milimani is another less crowded/less known heated swimming pool at the Heron Portico Hotel. The hotel is located at Jakaya Kikwete Road Opposite Provincial Police Headquarters Nairobi. Swimming charges are Ksh 1,000 per adult and Kshs. 700 as you enjoy their signature cocktails from Sirocco Aqua Bar.

Cloud 9

Located at Clarence House in Westlands near Sarit Center, Cloud 9 is a must-visit! The heated swimming pool with views and amazing meals makes it a perfect place for a family day out. It costs Kshs. 1,000 per adult and Kshs. 500 per child.

Stedmak Gardens Karen

Stedmark gardens is located Mokoyeti East Road, off Langata road. It has a baby pool detached from the main pool and a sitting area for non-swimmers. The cost is Kshs. 1,000 per adult and Kshs. 500 per child. They also offer other activities and they have a floating restaurant.

Cloud Hotel and Suites Parklands

At the heart of Parklands in Diamond Plaza, lies the 4-star state of the art hotel. Their heated pool is open to the public for 700 shillings.

Spur Mall Ruiru

Spur Mall is located on Thika road at Ruiru. They have a heated swimming pool which goes for 500 shillings for adults and 300 shillings for children.

Non-heated swimming pools

Chester House

My all-time favourite swimming pool in the heart of Nairobi CBD. The swimming pool is on the 4th floor at Chester hotel and they charge 500 shillings per person. It is worth it.

Nyayo National Stadium

It is one of the largest and cleanest public swimming pools in Nairobi. Charges are Kshs. 100-200 per person and no bikinis allowed. It is on Mombasa road just 5 minutes away from the CBD.

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YMCA hostels

The most crowded swimming pool in Nairobi. Maybe because it is located near Nairobi University(a lot of students) or because it is relatively affordable. They charge 100 shillings per adult and 50 shillings per child.

East African School of Aviation

This is the ultimate swimming pool experience for people in Embakasi. It is clean with a lifeguard on duty a all times. The pool is open to the public at a fee of 200 shillings for adults and 100 shillings for kids. No bikinis allowed.

Funcity Utawala

For those of you living in Utawala and its environs, Funcity offers an all-round family scenery. With a baby pool on the side and a large adult pool at the entrance, Funcity also has a restaurant and an amusement park with live music. Swimming is 300 shillings .

Fahari Garden Hotel

Also in Utawala, Fahari identifies itself as the pride of Eastlands. It is a nice lush garden hotel suitable for the whole family. Swimming will cost you 400 shillings per an adult and 200 shillings for kids. It is ideal for a quiet getaway.

Blue Springs Hotel

The most common one on Thika road just opposite Kenya Breweries. Has two pools. One for professional swimmers and another one for children and those learning how to swim. They charge 250 shillings for adults and 200 shillings for kids.

Utalii Hotel

The swimming pool is open to the public and walk-in guests for 500 shillings per adult and 300 shillings for children. Ideal for families.

Barclays Sports club

A walking distance from Utalii hotel, Barclays sports club is a private members club but the pool is open to the public. They have a baby pool detached from the main pool with a lifeguard standby at all times. Their charges are 300 shillings for adults and 200 shillings for children.

Kasarani Aquatic Stadium

This is arguably the largest swimming pool in Nairobi considering it is an international sports Centre. It has three swimming pools. The baby pool/ warm-up/training pool, the deep competition (Olympic size) pool and the 6M deep diving pool with springboards. They have lifeguards at all times. Price is 150 shillings on weekdays and 200 shillings on weekends and public holidays.

Aquatic Swimming Pool 2

Sadili Oval Sports Centre

People in Langata and its environs also have access to the swimming pool at Sadili Oval. It is located in civil servants estate. They charge100 shillings per adult and 50 shillings per child.

Silver Springs Hotel

Just opposite Nairobi Hospital is Silver Springs hotel. For just 600 shillings per adult and 500 shillings for kids, you can access their swimming pool for a whole day. They charge extra for the steam and sauna.

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