The best way to catch up with your friends is over a happy hour somewhere and lucky for you, I got you covered with the best recommendations on the best cocktail joints in Nairobi that you should visit. Most of these places have happy hour running up to around 7pm every day of the week.

Below is a list of my top recommended cocktail joint:

Onyx Lounge and Restaurant

This has been my all time favourite place to get my long island cocktails. Located at Marsabit Plaza on Ngong road, just opposite RFUEA Grounds, Onyx offers a great ambience and great scenery from their rooftop bar. Their cocktails are totally worth it and I would advise someone taking long island cocktails to do a maximum of three unless you are on a death wish. They are STRONG!! The long island costs Ksh 1,000 per glass.

Long island iced tea.
Image courtesy of onyx.

Their happy hour is always from 3-8pm where you buy one get one free. Although on Mondays, Tuesdays and Karaoke Thursdays, their happy hour runs all night long.

Club Number 7

My new found love in the heart of the CBD. Just at the junction of Monrovia and Koinange street lies this beauty. It just right next to The Nairobi Safari Club Hotel. Their cocktails are served in either a glass or a pitcher. I would advise you to order the pitcher rather than the glass as the pitcher is big enough for three people. My all time favourite is their screwdriver cocktail which is vodka based. It is sweet and also looks pretty nice. They give you a sliced sugarcane for mixing the contents.

The pitchers cost around Kshs. 900-1500. This has become my all time favourite club within CBD due to the convenient accessibility, consistency in good service from the staff, potent cocktails and their recent renovations making it spacious and more stunning. Anytime you visit the club, look for “Anto ” the cocktail mixologist for the best cocktails.

News Cafe

I prefer the one at Adlife Plaza because it is near me and also less crowded compared to the one in Sarit Centre Westlands. The great ambience and decor is also a plus. The one In Hardy Karen is also good if you don’t mind the distance.

Their happy hour is reduced prices on cocktails from 4-8pm daily. Their original cocktails(margarita, mojito and cosmopolitan) go for ksh 400 while the grande cocktails (long island, 7 deadly sins and pan galactic gargle blaster) go for ksh 600. You can also enjoy their Mojito Madness Thursday where the mojitos go for ksh 400 all night long.

Courtesy of newscafe.

Brew Bistro Kenya

They have two locations. One on Ngong Road at Piedmont Plaza and the other in Westlands, Fortis Towers. Their happy hour runs from 5-7pm everyday. Be sure to taste their long island and the cosmopolitan cocktail.The happy hour also applies to their crafted beer.

Brew Bistro Westlands.

They only sell their crafted beer, shots, cocktails, wines and bottle service. You won’t find your local beer here. The cocktails range from Ksh. 700 to Ksh. 950.

Charlie’s Bistro

This beautiful place in Kileleshwa and formerly at Wabera Street has great ambience and interiors that will make you want to go back each and every time. They have cocktails that go for Ksh. 500 during happy hour which runs everyday from 4:30 – 6:30pm.

Be sure to try out their long island, safari seven and the mexican standoff.

Picture courtesy of Charlie’s.

Captain’s Terrace

This one is located on Mombasa road just opposite the big Airtel building. Enjoy your cocktail with the view of Nairobi National Park. They normally have live bands entertaining their guests so if this is your kind of vibe, feel free to check them out.

Their cocktails are worth a try and they have happy hour from 4-8pm everyday with reduced prices on cocktails.


Do you even love cocktails if you have not been to Mwendas? My curiosity took me there to find out what the fuss is all about. It is located at Utalii House just near GPO. The place is not quiet big and so it gets full very early as everybody wants to get the best spot. Their cocktails range from ksh 300 to ksh 420. The names will have you wanting to try all the cocktails.

Wine tails


Blu Martini

Antica Bistro

Pablos Mexobar

As you embark on your cocktail adventure through Nairobi, remember to savor the experience, appreciate the craft behind each creation, and engage with the friendly bartenders who are passionate about their art. Let the clinking of glasses, the aroma of crafted cocktails, and the lively atmosphere of these establishments transport you to a world of refined flavors and unforgettable memories. So, raise your glass and toast to Nairobi’s vibrant cocktail scene, where every sip is an invitation to explore the city’s unique blend of flavors and culture

Welcome to December!!!!