This is going to be very short. I will speak this from a girl’s perspective. I am often if not always the planner in all my relationships and situationships. I actually like planning this things. I will be the one to tell you that there is this movie showing at this place will you want to watch it? Can we go to some event? Naivasha? Oletepes? Rugby etc etc. I am your go to girl for planning things by the way. Tell me you want to go to coast or Naivasha or Diani and give me like three days I will get you a nice deal yeah I am efficient like that.
I also like my alone time pretty much. I like being at home chilling, watching movies or even going shopping alone, attending events alone so that I can stay as long as I want or leave the time I want. I went to the cinema alone to watch the movie RAFIKI alone. Reason being that I was free at that time and I also did not want to start asking people where they are or if they can reschedule and meet me there. So I met a friend there and we watched it and it was super amazing.
Lately I have been reading random articles and other blogs that google suggests to me. Google is quite invasive. It will keep on planting ideas in your head until you act on them. So for the past four  days all the articles have been revolving around love and so I decided to write how girls want to be treated and loved in general but from my own perspective.
We are in a generation that fears relationships and commitment (more than anything else in the world) but wants the benefits that come with the two without actually being in one. This generation wants all that they can get in a relationship but with no strings attached. Take selfies with hashtags like #chillingwithbae #yourcouplegoals #baeforlife #nisisitu #myrib #myhappyplace #youcanttouchthis. More of friends with benefits until the benefits to be offered are not there anymore or until one of us falls in love but the other person cannot reciprocate the love. We don’t want to make it official because we have other potential baes auditioning for the position or we still want to be able to see other people without being questioned reason being we are not official yet.
In this generation, being vulnerable or loving is considered being a weakling. A person admitting their love for someone is like a very big crime. You see, until a man/woman asks you to be his/her girlfriend/boyfriend you are single! This thing of giving yourselves positions in people’s life’s that’s how you end up breaking your own heart. So if you are lucky to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend who you have made it officially known to the rest of the world you should count yourself among the lucky few.

Since I can’t keep typing him/her I will type her because feminism hahaha and because I am a girl. So let’s continue. This applies both ways. If you are a girl or boy replace the “her” with “him” or let it remain “her” depending on who is in your mind when you read it.

If you like her, don’t make her question it. If you like her, text her first. It will not mean that you are weak it actually means you care. Don’t just miss her and not tell her. Tell her you miss her, she will feel valued.
Tell her you like her, show her off, compliment her, know her interests, what she desires most, ask her how her day is going, surprise her, invite her out or even cook for her. Ask her about her ambitions and dreams. Support her dreams don’t be selfish. Find out what she likes doing most,  what she hates, what makes her happy or sad. Remember her special days like her birthdays and do something for her Show her you care.
The truth is girls are really easy to love and understand. All they want is attention, respect and your time. The other things are like a bonus. But don’t take her for granted because she will not always be right there. She won’t always be the one trying and meeting you more than halfway. One day it’s going to stop because everyone gets tired of giving too much or loving too hard.

You already know this girl is down for you, she got you, she cares for you and you can have her but maybe you are used to love that is you work for and now you are thinking that’s too easy for you. You know you care about her but does she know? Show it. Don’t say one thing and do the other. Stop confusing her and messing with her head because you can’t decide on what you want and now she is out there thinking it’s her fault or something is wrong. Maybe she is everything you ever needed but didn’t know what you wanted.

If you love her don’t fill her ears with lies, her eyes with tears, her mouth with words, her mind with confusion and her heart with pain.

If you love her, tell and show her. Don’t make her question it.