Today is on Tuesday 30/07/2019. A day after I learnt that one of friends passed away. I am still not able to process this.

Yesterday, during the day I had avoided thinking about it as much as I could. I kept myself busy all day. But as they say, you can not escape pain! You will face it at some point or another. That one point came when I was leaving work to go home. Tears just kept flowing out of my eyes in the matatu and I could not control it. My chest was heavy and at some point I felt like I could not breath, I was choking. I had to open the window and let in some fresh air despite the cold breeze that was there. I got home broke down in my room until I felt a little bit better and was able to sit down and write out my feelings. This has always helped me deal with pain. Writing it out.

Solloh as we call him or now as we called him was a person I had known for almost 7 years now. I knew him through my bestfriend Lawrence. The first day we met he cooked the best beef stew ever and this became my favourite meal to eat at his place whenever I visited. He knew I loved it and so anytime he wanted me to visit,he could tell me “kuja nimekupikia nyama yako”

Solloh and Lawrence were my to go to guys whenever I needed to cool off from anything I did not want to face. I was always welcome in that house or at least let me say most of the times. We had our own share of differences and sometimes we could go weeks without talking but once we talk, it would feel like everything was just okay.

Solloh made me feel comfortable in my own skin, believe that I could achieve whatever I put my mind into. He helped me look for jobs, send cvs out to his friends and encouraged me to do whatever job that came with whatever pay so long as I get the experience I needed. I remember him telling me one day that “weh utakua wale wamama masonko hudrive Harrier na dere anaitwa Shaos”. He was a firm believer in hard work. No matter how many times life knocks you down, make sure you dust yourself and get up.

I met so many amazing souls in that house. I became a Kamba by association. Everybody who has been to that house knows that it’s always a good time until its not but the good times outdo the bad times. And on this day I choose to remember the good times I had in that house with Solloh, Lawrence, Manu, Moh, Davie, Joshu, Slim,Babu, Charlotte,Edu, Nyaga, Shizx,Charles, Sheey, Atemo, Ngatha and all the other people whose names I can’t remember at the moment.

It seems God has his own plans which the human mind can’t even comprehend. One day you are talking to someone and the next day they are no more. No explanation! I guess that is what life is all about. If we knew God’s plans maybe we could try and negotiate for one more day or even one more hour, heck even one more minute to try and see if it could make a difference. Anyway, Life happens! So the best thing we can do is live a day as it comes and live to the fullest. Life is literally too short.

As you fly with the angels Solloh, just know that heaven has received one more angel to watch over us. Fare thee well Solloh.