Last week we received a lot of bananas from kisii and then they all got ripe at the same time. So we had to improvise how to reserve them. We ate them  raw haha,  made matoke,  banana milkshakes and now the banana pancakes. This is  a simple and quick fix for your breakfast.


2 sliced bananas
1 glass all purpose flour
3 teaspoons of sugar (or plus salt)
Baking powder(optional)
1 egg
3/4 glass of water or milk
Cooking Oil



1. Pour all ingredients except oil in a blender and blend to get a nice flowy-ish consistency.

2. Heat your pan until ready.


3. Sprinkle some oil.

4. Let it heat kidogo… Then pour your mixture to form a circle.

5. Reduce the heat and wait till the top part  kinda dries up kidogo.

Shape wachia slayqueeens. lol

6. Flip the other part and let it cook.

7. Repeat the process until  your mixture is finished.
8. Serve.





N/B If you don’t have a blender you can smash the bananas until soft then mix up the dry ingredients first (flour and sugar ) then add the egg then milk/water. Whisk/mix the mixture until all the lumps are gone then  do the cooking procedure.
Tell me how it goes. So that’s all folks until next time Tuuuurruuuuuuuuuuus.