Kipara ngoto after blowdry.

Two weekends ago I bomoad my hair and decided I am going to give it a break for at least a week before I plait it again. Weeeeh let me tell you naturalistas have a lot of work. When you try styling your steel wool hair, trying to lay them edges and force the baby hairs to “sleep” issa struggle. I did just the blowdry and let the hair be for like 5 days then I decided to do a style Dorin showed me. To me it was pretty okay since it was just for a day. 

You see here i was slayingggggg or so i thought.

Little did I know that that same hairstyle had become a meme. 


Anyyyyyywwwhooo of importance is that I slayed! The way weaves and wigs have become so expensive nowadays, I just wanted to show you easy ways for styling your natural hair affordably and my favourite youtubers who do videos for styling natural hair. This women are stunning!!! 

1. Cynthykay Obi

This is my one of my favourite youtubers. She does hair tutorials especially on short natural hair.  Her transformations are amazing. She has 167,000 Subscribers on YouTube.

YouTube : Cynthykay Obi   Facebook: Cynthykay Obi





2. Mona B

This is another one on my favourite youtuber. Her videos are beautiful and very easy to do with minimum products. They are also very short so it is easy to follow. She has 68,000 Subscribers on Youtube.

YouTube : Mona B.  Instagram and Twitter :@monaxbanks  








3. Sheila Ndinda

How can she not be in the list. Our very own kenyan Janelle Monae hahaha. We were also school mates though she was like 3 or 2 classes ahead. This one just brings it home. Her videos are also not too long and  her hair is goals. It turns out pretty nice. She slays in all her photos yaani she is just goals and her smile wueeeh anyway we were talking about hair. She has 56,000 subscribers on YouTube .
YouTube: Sheila Ndinda  Instagram :Sheila Ndinda   Facebook : Sheila Ndinda

4. Adanna Madueke

The genny beauty as she refers to herself also made it to my top 5 list. Her styles are quite simple as well and not too long. Her choice of music is amazing too. She has 37,000 Subscribers on YouTube.
YouTube : Adanna Madueke Instagram : adannamadeuke  Facebook : Thegennybeauty





5. Healthy Afro hair

She covers all aspects of natural hair tutorials. She also does head wrap tutorials and the products to use to grow your hair and also protect it. She has 66,000 Subscribers on Youtube.

Youtube : Healthy Afro Hair

Facebook: Healthy afro Hair   Instragram: healthyafrohair



 So that’s all folks and I have left the links to their channels and social media pages.